Flawless Additction

Crossing Worlds One Story at a Time~


Thank you for visiting the Flawless Addiction! We are a website dedicated to the Kagome Pairing-Inuyasha Crossover Fandom! Here we award some of the best written fanfiction thatplaces Kagome Higurashi of Inuyasha as the main female character paired with males/females/creatures/demons from other anime, manga, movies, books, etc.

As some of you know there are several websites that dedicate their time solely to the Inuyasha-verse but here we dedicate our time to the crossovers which aren't as appreciated as some. 

For now this is strictly an awards site, contest, as well as an Crossover Appreciation Site. Later we fully intend to allow our members to upload stories among other things. 

For those of you that may have stumbled across us accidentally, an Inuyasha Crossover is a fan-made story that uses characters from Inuyasha and combines with them with other characters from shows, movies, anime, other manga, etc. 

There will be Quarterly Awards every three months as well as Story of the Years Awards for different categories. We urge any and all members to participate in both the nomination and voting process!

We are a non-profit website that just wants to appreciate the under-rated and under-appreciated crossovers! Have fun and watch for any notifications on voting! 

Please be patient with us as we get all the kinks and bugs out of the production of the website!