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Creation of an Addiction~ 

Flawless Addiction was founded by Avariella Filth who woke up one day and turned on her laptop. She logged into Dokuga.com, noticed the awards, and silently said, "I wish there was a site that awarded crossovers!" Thus, the idea was born. SO, she rushed to make a website armed with only her photoshop skills, website creation courses, a can of sprite, and a bag of oreo cookies. A few days later, Flawless Addiction was created.

A month later, Sixx attacked her facebook and said, "Whatever happened to that site?"

Avariella could only gulp and pretend she was offline.

He called her. She ignored his calls. He text her and they were mysteriously deleted because truth was? She forgot about it.

Shame on her.

Shame, shame, shame.

So Sixx finally called her Mother and her mother told her to quit being a baby and talk to the boy. So they did and a day later, Sixx was an administrator. Another day later, Flawless Addiction was opened to the public and guess what.

People actually started joining.

Life was good.

The End.

 Avariella Filth~

Avariella is 18 years old and lives in Texas. It's hot there. She hates it.

She writes under a different pen name and enjoys fanfiction immensely, hence the website.

In all honesty, she just wants to own something to feed her ego (like it really needs that).

She liked everything, music in particular. And people... sometimes.


Sixx is a boy that is older then dirt. 23 years is a long time. He lives somewhere in New York. It's dirty there. He hates it.

Sixx is not very nice but he likes people. So, yeah. Don't judge him. He tries.

He pushed for this site to be alive and was happily made an Administrator. He loves the fanfiction scene and does write though not for people to read. MAYBE, one day. Just not now.

Andy Sixx is idol, hence the name, and he wishes there were Andy Sixx fanfictions out there.

Avariella and Sixx aren't very talkative but they are sarcastic!


Avariella can be reached at either her Inbox, her comments, or her email: cmendo92@yahoo.com

Sixx can be reached at either his Inbox, his comments, ot his email: andysixx_xx@yahoo.com