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If there is not a link available for the pairings below then we most likely have yet to find a recommended read for that particular pairing. If you have a story up here and you do not want it to be on this website, then please let us know. If you would like to recommend a story or pairing then drop a line with either myself [Avariella] or Sixx. To recommend a pairing then please provide a link to the story that has that particular pairing! Thank you~  

Akatsuki x Kagome

Deidara x Kagome

Gaara x Kagome

Harem x Kagome

Hidan x Kagome

Hinata x Kagome

Iruka x Kagome

Itachi x Kagome 

Jiraiya x Kagome

Kakashi x Kagome 

Kankuro x Kagome

Kiba x Kagome

Kisame x Kagome

Kyuubi x Kagome

Lee x Kagome

Minato x Kagome

Naruto x Kagome

Neji xKagome

Sasuke x Kagome