Flawless Additction

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Rules && Regulations

Forums -

     - The Moderator is GOD. What they say goes. If they believe a topic is getting out of control or an issue seems to be controversial, they can cut the topic, delete it, or just a single post.

     - If you have an issue with the Mod giving warnings or you disagree with how they run things, then please, by all means, address the issue with them directly unless you're peeved to the point of angry confrontation. If that is the case, then contact myself or Sixx and that is only if you don't want to talk to the Mod directly.

     - Any Mod's that we choose do not play favorites. They are people that we trust to make the right decisions but we will gladly take into consideration any harsh words spoken against them such as incorrect use of power, favoritism, etc.

     - We are done with the topic of flames. If the person is a logged in reviewer, then yes, we may be able to help and get them removed. If they are an ANONYMOUS reviewer, absolutely nothing can be done. The only suggestion we have to you is that you make it so that Anonymous reviewers cannot review. I understand that some of the flammers are actually members of Flawless Addiction but unless they start drama here, I can do nothing. I cannot delete or block them. If anything, they're probably laughing their asses off as you complain about them. If you have Fanfiction.Net beef, then keep it there. Do NOT bring it here. We are here to appreciate the Kagome Crossovers, not complain about every flame that comes our way.   

     - We also don't like Attention Seekers. Multiple posts on a single topic that no one has responded to is not okay. It takes up room in our "Recent Forum Post". You can respond to other's responses but not your own response mutliple times. There is an option to edit your post so if you find that you forgot to mention something, then please just o back and edit the post.

Chat Room -

     - Until the drama is settled, the chat room will not be opened. It was going to be scheduled for this Friday along with the Nominations but due to the fact that this issue has popped in again, we do not want to have to fight in the chat rooms and cannot run the risk of straight out pandemonium.

     - Chat Room Mods are GODS. What they say goes and there are no and's, if's, or but's about it.

     - Keep it clean, keep it fun, and keep it entertaining.

     - Cursing? It's allowed. Why? Because most of you lie about your ages anyway.

     - If you have an issue and feel that there are topics that should not be discussed in chat then let the Mods know. If they do nothing about it, then talk to myself or Sixx. He's useless sometimes but he likes to keep the peace.

Roleplaying -

     - Some of you do it. Roleplaying is fun adn all but SEX RP's? Not happening ANYWHERE on the site. At all. No. Just gross.

     - Roleplaying violence toward another member? Also unacceptable.

General -

     - Thing must be kept rated PG-13. Cursing is okay. Sexual speak? Not so much.

     - Be friendly. I don't care if you hate everything that they post, write, etc. YOU BE NICE. We like NICE people. I'm a douche bag but I am NOT above the rules. I follow them too.

     - We could the best of friends but I do not play favorites.

     - I don't like banning people but if you are a continous offender for the same offense? We'll discuss it first and if there is no progress within the next month then there is an immediate removal from the site. After that month, a clean slate appears.

     - Cyber Bullying is also immediate removal. If someone commits suicide then it won't be because we didn't do our jobs.