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July 27, 2011~

ALRIGHT! So, I'm Ava and I'm back :) My computer = awesomely awesome. Now, we primarily work off our website and our computers but the website did NOT save the pages for Nominations. Which sucks balls. Because I have to redo it. This means, voting will begin Friday which allows you TWO extra days to whore your stories! DO IT. Have fun guys! :D  

July 11,  2011 ~

MONIMATED STORIES ARE UP :) Voting begins two weeks from today! Nominated Banner will be up later today or tomorrow!! <3 <3 

June 23, 2011 ~

Nominations are officially closed! Nominations list will be up hopefully by next Friday, July 1st! :) Also, banners should be up a week after that. It probably would be done sooner... but Warped Tour 2011 is Sunday o-o;; I have to go. In case you don't know, I'm eighteen <3 and these things are important to one such as I :D Forum Moderator is in the choosing, Chat Moderators are being considered, and we're still looking for general Moderators to help us with brainstorming, getting things going, etc.


June 21, 2011 ~

Nominations are almost done! Tomorrow is the last day! We're getting our chat-room up and running soon, hopefully by the end of June! Excitement! :D You guys have been ridiculously well behaved as of late, something both myself and Sixx appreciate! We're going to be looking for a Chatroom/Forum Moderator! Are you interested? Send a message my way! They have to be mature, as well as non-drama orientated.

Also, "Recommended" had been temporarily abandoned due to the fact Sixx is useless and I have been working my rear end off. I hope to finish and correct that by Friday! You guys have been patient and awesome. We've grown in the few three weeks we've been open with 100 members. A banner will be coming out by Saturday as a thank you! <3

 Once again, share the love and kepe the site alive! Let them know we're here! :D